BodyAsh, Alder
Body StyleJ or P
NeckOne-piece Maple (Graphite-reinforced), 34" scale length, 21 frets (for 4string J or P and 5string P), 22 frets (for 5string J)
FingerboardMaple, Pau Ferro
Fingerboard radius9.45" (4string), 10" (5string)
PickupsAguilar Super Singles (for J), Aguilar 4P-60 or 5P-60 (for P)
PreampAguilar OBP-3
TunersHipshot Ultralight Chrome
BridgeHipshot Ultralight B-style Chrome
String spacing18mm or 19mm
ColorsGloss Finishes: Trans Red, Trans Black, Vintage Natural, Butterscotch Blonde, White Blonde, 3-Tone Sunburst
OptionBody Top: Bubinga, Flame Maple, 5A Quilt or Flame Maple,
Fingerbord: Roasted Flame or Bird'eye Maple (Light or Dark)
Pickup: Aguilar DCB or Super Double pickups
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